CX4 schedule

Thomas Frischknecht. Monterey Bay Academy - 1996
photo: Markham Johnson

Sun, 16 Nov 2014


CAL FIRE Training Facility

Course: Ben Jacques-Maynes

Start times: Note that for all groups starting after 11:30AM, start times are 15-30 minutes earlier than CX1 due to the lack of a costume race.

30% less dust: The course is similar to last season, but run in reverse (counter-clockwise). The Santa Cruz mountains are scheduled to get .125-.25" of rain Wednesday night, and Ben's chosen to utilize less of the former nursery field, so the dust quotient should be lower than last season. Update: As of Friday, Captain Jed Wilson is reporting hero dirt on site. Here's to hoping it sticks till race day.

Directions: It appears early versions of the BikeReg form pointed elsewhere in Bonny Doon. This has been corrected, so refresh your browser an check again. Better yet, use the address link above. Entrance is via the access road to the right of the main gate, and you can use Google Maps to route yourself directly to the parking area.

Third Annual Second Harvest Canned Food Drive: Bring your canned goods; five pounds (or a $5 donation) gives you a drawing ticket for Gizdich Pie. Drawing at 12:30pm.


On-site registration opens at 7:30AM and closes 15 min before each race.

New categories for 2015: Master Men 35C, Men Single Speed B & Women Single Speed. We've also split Master Men B and 65s from the Open Bs into to their own start wave. To accommodate these changes, racing now starts at 8:30 am.

  • No field limits or late fees.
  • Credit cards are accepted for on-site registration and merchandise.
  • Riders under the age of 18 must have an NABRA athlete release form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Locations subject to change. Check this site, our facebook page, and/or twitter regularly for venue updates.
  • Sorry, no transfers or refunds.
  • Permitted and insured through NABRA

Bike Type

Ride what you brought. Most of our courses favor a cross bike, but to minimize barriers of entry to the sport, mountain bikes are allowed, particularly in the beginner categories.


Riders are issued one number for the entire series. Please bring it with you to each race. Pin the number parallel to your torso above the hip for maximum readability by the scorers.


SCCX is run as a points series.

  • Overall prizes are awarded at the last race of the series to the top three riders in each category.

  • Race day cash is paid to the top three riders in the Men A, Women A, Master Men 35A, 45A, and Master Women 35 and 45 groups.

  • An Ibis Hakkalugi Disk Frame will be raffled to a lucky series rider at the last race of the series! You must have raced in all 4 races to be eligible, and your entry is your ticket.

Riders must be present at podium awards ceremonies to receive prizes


Racers are self-categorized based on age and gender, and categories divide riders into fitness and ability levels.

Cat C

Typically beginners to the sport. You're either completely new to the sport or have ridden a cross bike on training rides, but haven't competed yet.USAC cat 4/5 equivalent.

Cat B

Intermediate to advanced racers in both skillset and fitness. Also considered the "Working Person's" category because the reality of life gets in the away of being competitive at the A level. USAC cat 3 equivalent.

Cat A

The fittest, most experienced riders race this category.USAC cat 1/2 equivalent.


Aged 9 and under, kids usually race a subset of the main race loop, and may do multiple laps depending on course layout. Everything from push bikes to miniature cross bikes with 24" sewups are seen in the kids race, and prizes of fun bags with Clif Kids bars and the occasional medal (no cash or start money, sorry) are awarded to all.

Race Up

Riders can race "up" in category, ie, Masters can race in groups younger than their own, and Juniors can ride with older age groups. Anyone can race in the equivalent Open A, B, and C groups.


A contentious issue; beginnners to the sport don't know how they'll stack up against the competition, but it's expected that the series winners in the C and B categories upgrade next season. However, if you're able to win your first race with enough of a gap to hang out on the sidelines and watch the battle for second (or similar feat), congratulations! It's time to move up a notch.